Container ship

You are the proud (really?) owner of the Berkubang Ox (Wallowing Ox in Indonesian). A 150 m long, 40 m wide container ship built in 1962. Originally capable of holding ~ 600 TEU (20 foot equivalent unit) cargo containers, the ship can now safely carry only around 175 or so.
Capable of 5 knots (that’s 9 KPH for us landlubbers) and sleeping quarters for 35 + a brig that is worse than most animal pens.
There is a port (read hole) in the bottom of the ship ~ 25m long and 15 m wide in the center of the ship. This has allowed the creation of an internal docking area (50 m long by 35 m wide) for submarines.

There are two “cargo containers” which are disguised “Quad 50” anti aircraft emplacements with 4 M2 .50 caliber machineguns. These are ancient (over 150 years old) machine guns without any modern enhancements other than a flat screen tablet that is tied into the ship’s radar for “fire control”. These are ancient, poorly maintained, and unreliable weapons. When firing them, any 1 rolled will indicate that a dud round has caused one gun to stop firing. Glitches mean all 4 guns have found duds. Critical glitches mean a machinegun has exploded and damaged the other three guns.

Most of the 15 … I mean 13 crew and 7 – 8 (depending on how much first aid was provided to the wounded guards) will happily disembark at first opportunity (their pay was in ship script, which could be converted to local currency if someone wanted shore leave or to leave, according to the crew).
There are 3 crew members who don’t rush to escape the ship when offered. Kau Pei (between 80 and 800 years old), Yung Wang (mid twenties), Fat Dum Gui (also mid twenties) are crew who seem to be damage control/engineering crew. They don’t seem to be fazed about the change in ownership, being threatened, or just about anything else. The younger men generally translate for the old man, and not well at that. “We fix”, “Soon”, and “You see” are the three phrases that are easily understandable from them. Despite being old, slow, and rickety, Kau Pei seems to be able to get to trouble spots amazingly quick. Everyone has seen him down below in his hammock, then encountered him on the other side of the ship shuffling away from a “repair”.

There is a decent sized safe that you located in the captain’s quarters, but have been unable to open as of yet.

Most of the cargo consists of food, booze, porn, booze, porn, and a few luxury items. And ammunition for the .50 machineguns.
There are 15 torpedoes on board. 5 are small, short range wire guided torpedoes with no warheads.
10 are larger medium range torpedoes with standard explosive warheads.

Besides the 9 sets of scuba gear (with built in comm links and diving knives), 13 Ceska Black Scorpion, 4 AK-97 carbines, 4 Colt America L36 light pistols, Ruger Super Warhawk heavy pistol, and 11 armor vests, looted off various crew and security members, there is an armory with an additional Ares MP-LMG, 2 Short barreled T-250 shotguns, 1 Remington 950 sporting rifle (all in Arsenal), 4 Colt America L36 light pistols, 4 Ceska Black Scorpion, 1 AK-97 assault rifle. There is a total of 5 clips of ammunition for each weapon.
There will be an assortment of knives, machetes, chains, spears, clubs, nun chucks, and other simple low quality melee weapons to be had.

There is not a lot of electronics aboard. There is a radio, radar, an ancient PC that can connect to the matrix (in theory), an aging medical drone, and a modern(ish) galley. There is a commlink that was used by the ship quartermaster to track supplies. The local “matrix” is little more than all of the wireless gear on board actually connected to each other. The captain had a unique filing system (a closet with multiple boxes with invoices and receipts stuffed in them randomly).

Container ship

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